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LEGO Mr gold

Completed sales as of 01/01/1970.

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More info about this piece:

The Mr. Gold Minifig was released in 2013 as part of the collectable series. Only 5,000 Mr. Gold Minifigures were produced and can fetch as much as $10,000 for factory sealed figures. Some fun facts below:

  • Only 5,000 Mr. Gold minifigures were ever distributed.
  • The most notable member of the tenth series of the Minifigures theme.
  • One of only a few figures to have a chrome gold finish.
  • Was double packaged for safety.
  • The diamond on his staff and his white gloves are not exclusive and not chrome
  • This Minifig came with a special code that allowed you to track where all the Mr. Golds were found. Once entered, it would add a pin to the “Found Mr. Gold” map for the whole world to see
  • His top hat is awesome. Who doesn’t love a good top hat.
  • If you don’t know Mr. Gold, do you even know LEGOs?